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Youtube video of PURE GALAXY

PURE GALAXY omnibus. Here are the links to Youtube videos. PURE GALAXY is a story in which Reina, a protagonist with a pure heart, travels the world and plays an active role in order to create a world where animas (speaking animals) can live happily.

Reina, the protagonist, lives in Aurora Island and works hard as a teacher of Anima School, but at one point she learns that this island is dominated by the Demon King's army and cannot be enriched as it is. It takes a lot of money to make the animas happy. Reina realizes that she must travel to the world to collect a lot of money, and she flies to the world. Various troubles and romance awaited there.

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Ⅰ Aurora Island Edition

Ⅱ Rhapsody work edition

Ⅲ Kocoo Olympics

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【9】Glenn Emperor/Rental Reina/PUREGALAXY

"PURE GALAXY-Aurora Island"

This is the first e-book of PURE GALAXY, a manga drawn by Kocoo Shingo. The stage is an island nation called Aurora Island, and the main character Reina grew up on this island. This island is covered with a mysterious energy called a magic circle, and talking animals called Anima live happily. However, this seemingly peaceful island is actually under the control of a country called "Aurora Kingdom"...

"PURE GALAXY2-Global Touring"

This is the second e-book version of PURE GALAXY, a manga drawn by Kocoo Shingo.This is the story of Reina, the main character, who travels to the mainland to find a job for her. After being tested by the village chief, Gonshi, he is officially recognized. Reina and her friends set out on a voyage and were attacked by pirates, but managed to land successfully. I look for people based on the advice I got from Gonshi, "Find a black suit," but...

Ⅰ Aurora Island Edition

In the Aurora Island edition, the protagonist Reina will play an active role as an anima school teacher at her hometown Aurora Island. She travels to the outside world to raise money and collect friends, but she plans to return home at any time for remittances and wait-and-see.

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1 Legend of Cherry /2 Oshakashama /3 Aurora Kingdom

4 Mario Mission /5 Pirates Joke /6 Job Search

【1】Legend of Cherry/Aurora Island/PURE GALAXY

【2】Oshakashama/Aurora Island/PURE GALAXY

【3】Aurora Kingdom/Aurora Island/PURE GALAXY

【4】Mario Mission/Aurora Island/PURE GALAXY

【5】Pirates Joke/Global Touring/PURE GALAXY

【6】Job Search/Global Touring/PURE GALAXY

Ⅱ Rhapsody work edition

7:Edenforest Date/8:Dreamsea Date/9:Glenn Emperor

【7】Edenforest Date/Rental Reina/PURE GALAXY

【8】Dreamsea Date/Rental Reina/PURE GALAXY

【9】Glenn Emperor/Rental Reina/PURE GALAXY

Ⅲ Kocoo Olympics



Universal Project:ヒロハタワールドの事業化計画

Deep Impact:現代アート制作技法

SNS Marketing:SNSでアクセスを伸ばす方法

KOCOO CHANNEL:虚空真悟のYoutubeチャンネル